Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Too Good Not to Share*

Ember mug showed up on my radar through an online ad sometime before Christmas last year, and I immediately thought it could improve my morning coffee routine. With my coffee on a table beside my chair in the morning, I tend to become distracted catching up with email accounts, checking in on my blog, and, let’s be honest, scrolling through Facebook. Inevitably the coffee gets forgotten, and often it’s only half gone by the time it turns cold and unappealing. Enter Ember mug.  

Ember is a ceramic mug and coaster set, where the coaster is actually a charging surface for the mug. The fully-charged mug will hold temperature for up to an hour off the coaster or all day while on it. And here’s the fun part, Ember is controlled by an app that lets the user set their ideal temperature, between 120 and 145 degrees. Personally, at about 140 degrees the coffee (or tea, or hot water, if that’s your thing) is hot enough to be a hot beverage, but not so hot as to burn going down. Hot, but drinkable. Perfect. This year my Christmas list is going to include a spare coaster, to keep my coffee hot when I move to my desk. 

Ember mug is available online and in many Starbucks and Best Buy locations. Check them out at https://ember.com/

*Too Good Not to Share posts are just because I love to share things that have made a difference in my life, with hope they may make a difference in someone else’s. I am not compensated in any way.