Commercial Electric Brand Integrated LED Lights

Too Good Not to Share* available at Home Depot We’ve been sprucing up the place, and after having the laundry room repainted (including the ceiling) we noticed the can lights were looking a little yellowed with age. It’s then we discovered how easy it is to upgrade existing ceiling can lights with Commercial Electric’s LED … Continue reading Commercial Electric Brand Integrated LED Lights

Day 19

Poems During a Pandemic Poems During a Pandemic has been a limited companion series to Today’s Poems Today. This entry is the last in the series, as all others (beginning with Day 16, written on April 1) have been previously posted. Day 19 Morning rhythm off Facebook cut in early so This is my haiku

Day 49

Today's Poem Today* Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash. If there's not such a thing as a two stanza haiku, I don't know what this is. Day 49 False dichotomy: “Living scared”/ live as before There are more options It’s not “living scared” To proceed in this new world Smarter than before ~Susan Fischbach Isaacs … Continue reading Day 49

Day 39 — A & B

Today's Poem Today It's a twofer again, today. I woke up thinking about A, then looked in the mirror and got B. 39A Bad habits must stop Ten o’clock bedtime tonight I said so, that’s why 39B It’s hairmageddon The threat of crafting shears And boxed dye looms near

View from My Window

Too Good Not to Share* View from my window by Susan Fischbach Isaacs. My goal on these Tuesdays of late is to share something to mitigate the stress/boredom/anxiety/whatever-you-might-be-feeling-while-folks-around-the-world-have-gone-practically-dormant, and to also have it be something that costs nothing but a few minutes of your time. Today’s Too Good Not to Share comes from a friend … Continue reading View from My Window

Book Review: Me, Myself and Them by Dan Mooney

Too Good Not to Share* Consider the voices we all carry in our heads -- the ones that say we’re not good enough or strong enough, or likable enough. In Denis, we see the effect of those voices magnified as his fairly normal-looking, if oddly regimented, life goes on after surviving trauma that happened years … Continue reading Book Review: Me, Myself and Them by Dan Mooney

Caught on the Playground

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash. Caught on the Playground On the monkey bars swinging wildly from  insecurity to irrationality to  insecurity to irrationality; On  the merry-go-round  whipping ‘round and ‘round, Now what? Now what? Now what? Climbing the tall ladder of angst to ride the slide into deep despair; Hopscotching over happiness; Then, tagged … Continue reading Caught on the Playground

The Perfect Shade of Joy

Here's a new, quick, fun poem from an assignment, “to write about discovering something.” Photo from The Perfect Shade of Joy There is a joy that comes with a new discovery.  Life can be so ordinary and predictable. At a certain age we’ve experienced everything -- or hope we have. We aren’t expecting  well, … Continue reading The Perfect Shade of Joy

Too Many Hyphens: Or My Life-Changing, 30-Day, Alcohol-Free Experiment On New Year’s Eve I posted an installment of Too Good Not to Share recommending a 30-Day alcohol-free experiment I had done in 2014, with the promise, at that writing, of sharing some of the long-term benefits I’ve enjoyed since then. First, because of the nearly immediate positives of better sleep, younger looking skin, … Continue reading Too Many Hyphens: Or My Life-Changing, 30-Day, Alcohol-Free Experiment

I’m Making 2020 a Year of Playfulness I've noticed the idea floated in the last week or so not to bother with New Year’s resolutions (which I never have), but instead to pick a word or theme to guide you for the year. That’s an idea that fills me with excitement rather than dread. There is so much potential in a … Continue reading I’m Making 2020 a Year of Playfulness

Dawning: Waking Up to Who We Are*

I’m noticing a trend in the last several weeks where I’m waking up naturally at about 7:00 AM. So far, for the most part, I’ve been rolling over to sleep more -- just on principle. 7:00 just sounds so early. The truth is, though, I’ve been trying to get myself to bed earlier, at about 10:00 PM. I read until I fall asleep, but that’s almost always

My Rediscovery of Prayer in Light of MBTI Temperment

This week's Revisited is part 2 of 2, the first of which appeared here last week. Between writing the two reflections, as part of a spiritual formation workshop on prayer I participated in in 2004, we took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and discussed the implications of our scores. Of the Extorvert/Introvert pair, I am an Introvert; between Sensing and Intuition, I prefer Intuition; of Thinking and Feeling, I am Feeling; and between Judging and Perceiving, I tend slightly toward Judging.