My Tiny Editor

Photo from My Tiny Editor She nags, wags, frets, flags poo-poos, eschews, says you’re a loser as a poet. She deletes, repeats, never retreats doubts, shouts, thinks about hushes, shushes, says not much is good here and you know it.

Too Many Hyphens: Or My Life-Changing, 30-Day, Alcohol-Free Experiment On New Year’s Eve I posted an installment of Too Good Not to Share recommending a 30-Day alcohol-free experiment I had done in 2014, with the promise, at that writing, of sharing some of the long-term benefits I’ve enjoyed since then. First, because of the nearly immediate positives of better sleep, younger looking skin, … Continue reading Too Many Hyphens: Or My Life-Changing, 30-Day, Alcohol-Free Experiment

I’m Making 2020 a Year of Playfulness I've noticed the idea floated in the last week or so not to bother with New Year’s resolutions (which I never have), but instead to pick a word or theme to guide you for the year. That’s an idea that fills me with excitement rather than dread. There is so much potential in a … Continue reading I’m Making 2020 a Year of Playfulness

Dawning: Waking Up to Who We Are*

I’m noticing a trend in the last several weeks where I’m waking up naturally at about 7:00 AM. So far, for the most part, I’ve been rolling over to sleep more -- just on principle. 7:00 just sounds so early. The truth is, though, I’ve been trying to get myself to bed earlier, at about 10:00 PM. I read until I fall asleep, but that’s almost always

My Rediscovery of Prayer in Light of MBTI Temperment

This week's Revisited is part 2 of 2, the first of which appeared here last week. Between writing the two reflections, as part of a spiritual formation workshop on prayer I participated in in 2004, we took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and discussed the implications of our scores. Of the Extorvert/Introvert pair, I am an Introvert; between Sensing and Intuition, I prefer Intuition; of Thinking and Feeling, I am Feeling; and between Judging and Perceiving, I tend slightly toward Judging.