Folding Travel Hangers

Too Good Not to Share*

One of my all time favorite travel products, and one I’ve been using for a few years is a set of folding travel hangers. When sharing a hotel room, whether with my husband or a girlfriend on a weekend getaway, there are never enough hangers in the hotel closet. This set of hangers is light and compact (I carry them in a flat zippered pouch) making them supremely convenient. You can be a favorite roommate, using only a couple of the hotel hangers to hang pants, then leaving the rest of the hangers from the room for your travel mate — hanging your tops with the folding hangers you brought along.

There are several variations available, but the set I have is Daixers 10PCS Portable Folding Clothes Hangers. The set of 10 costs $8.99 when you order from the nameless behemoth online retailer. These are made with ABS plastic and have tiny stainless steel screws at the joints. All 10 in my set are still in tact after about three years of use, several times a year.

This makes four weeks in a row recommending travel products. To view the others, read my suggestions for Trtl Travel Pillow, Nite Hood, and Desktop Power Strip with USB Ports.

*Too Good Not to Share posts are just because I love to share things that have made a difference in my life, with hope they may make a difference in someone else’s. I am not compensated in any way.