Monk Manual: A System for Being + Doing

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For the next several weeks TGNtS will take a turn toward holiday gift-giving ideas, and we’ll start today with Monk Manual. This is a new discovery for me in just the last six weeks or so, and it’s been the rare healthy habit that I’m actually following through with. Monk Manual is for the person in your life who wants more from a day than to simply accomplish a list of tasks. Oh, a “To Do” list is part of the format, never fear, but so are thought-provoking, short-answer prompts like: “I am grateful for,” “Ways I can give,” “I was at my best when,” “I felt unrest when,” etc.

Monk Manual is a quarterly planner with monthly, weekly, and daily sections designed to help the user prepare, act, and reflect on how they spend their days. I have found it to be enlightening to spend a few minutes in the morning thinking about how I can contribute to someone else’s good and in the evening reflecting on how I could make the next day better. I also see interesting patterns in the “unrest” section, that prompt further self-reflection. My to-do list is usually pretty fluid and items may float from one day to the next before being accomplished, but it’s helpful to keep those things in front of me until they do get done.

The website says Monk Manual is great for working professionals, entrepreneurs, parents, students, and spiritual seekers. Also from the website:

“Drawing from the wisdom of monastic life, modern psychology and the best practices in personal productivity, the Monk Manual provides a daily system that will help you find clarity, purpose, wisdom, and peace in the moments that make up your life.”

Monk Manual is 8.5” x 5.5”, printed on high quality acid free paper, with saddle stitch binding and a vegan PU leather cover. At $38, Monk Manual is a gift for a specific type of person, but that person will be profoundly grateful that when you saw it you thought of them. Actually, do yourself a favor and put Monk Manual on your own Christmas list, too.

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*Too Good Not to Share posts are just because I love to share things that have made a difference in my life, with hope they may make a difference in someone else’s. I am not compensated in any way, nor do I guarantee that others will have the same positive experience with these products.

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