Low-profile, Hole-less Belts

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Anson Belt & Buckle

For the guy or woman who has everything, how about getting them a low-profile, hole-less belt? There are two companies I’ve had experience with, having bought their belts for my husband, and they are both quality products. The companies are: GRIP6 and Anson Belt & Buckle.

Let’s look first at GRIP6 Belts, the more casual of the two brands mentioned here. I got my husband a set of three straps and two buckles last year for Christmas, and I’ll say, he was dubious at first  — it’s a different look for a belt — but he has grown to love that it continues to look like new. GRIP6 doesn’t stretch and show wear like a typical belt does. The strap on the GRIP 6 is made of webbing woven in a couple of different styles of your choice and several colors. The buckles, likewise are made in several styles and colors, and even different materials. They are available in men’s and women’s styles. You mix and match the strap with the buckle at purchase and can easily switch them at home if you buy multiples. GRIP6 is proudly made in the USA and comes with a lifetime “Guarandamntee:”

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty – The Grip6 A3 Guaran-damn-tee. We made your belt, not some factory in another country. Our craftsmanship is on trial with every belt we produce. From the engineering to the manufacturing, we are responsible for making sure your belt works better and lasts longer than any other belt you’ve ever worn. If that doesn’t happen, we will stand behind our work by repairing or replacing any belt that doesn’t keep up with whatever you throw at it. That’s what our A3 Guarandamntee is all about: Any Time, Any Reason, Any condition and if your strap or buckle does break, we would sincerely love to know how you accomplished such a feat. Reach out to us at  grip6@grip6.com


Anson Belt & Buckle is a father and son company based in the USA, and their belts come in options of leather, nylon, cloth, canvas, and several other materials — they are also available in two widths. The buckles also come in a variety of metals/colors/finishes, so you can choose the combination you want. The Anson belt has dressier options than GRIP6, and that’s what drew me to purchase a couple of leather straps with buckles for my husband. They also continue to look great after months of wear. These belts have a ratchet-type mechanism on the back for a length of eight or so inches that allow the wearer to make micro-adjustments. Anson belts also come with a lifetime guarantee:

We have a Lifetime Guarantee on the functionality of all of our products.  This means that if your Anson Belt ever quits functioning then we will repair or replace it for free, for the life that you own it.  No strings, no fine print, just a quality product backed by an honest guarantee. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the guarantee and would like to speak with one of the owners, please feel free to give us a call at 843-409-4030 or by email at support@ansonbelt.com. We’d love to hear from you!


Shop GRIP6 here or Anson Belt & Buckle here.

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