Sash Bag: No Purse Necessary

Too Good Not to Share

If you really want to wow a special woman this giving season, let me suggest you check out the Sash Bag. I’ve been carrying a Sash, rather than a traditional purse, exclusively for a couple of years, and I’ll never go back to the purses I carried before — in fact, I gave them all away.

A Sash Bag looks much like it sounds. It lays across the body, and the pockets of the purse land very securely against a person’s front and back, distributed in such a way as not to add lumps and bumps to the silhouette. Because of the way it’s designed, there is no way to end up with a large bulge on the hip, or anywhere else. Not only does the bag have a pleasing look, but the design also improves weight distribution of the items it contains so that it’s easy to forget it’s on.

At first glance, the Sash Bag looks like something for a minimalist, but you would be amazed by what fits inside. A quick inventory of mine includes: a large cell phone, a bulky car key fob and house keys, driver’s license, insurance cards plus at least 8 more cards of various types, cash and coins, nail file, pen, small notebook, business card holder, purse pack of tissues, comb, inhaler, toothpicks, small containers of essential oils, small tube of medication, glasses cleaning cloth, lotion stick, lip balm and two additional lip glosses, collapsible fan, travel size acetaminophen, and usually a few receipts. All these things are organized in such a way that I’m able to get to them without digging through or emptying other items from my bag. Amazing. I can’t recommend Sash enough.

Sashes were designed out of necessity by Nichole MacDonald, who does a booming online business from a single storefront in San Diego. The bags are produced responsibly with butter soft leather, cloth, or vegan materials, all with multiple color options. Prices vary from $59.99 – $199.99, and bags can be shipped anywhere in the world. Shop the Sash Bag here. Get 10% off your first purchase here.** Sash Bags are also available in exclusive boutiques across the US and Canada. Find out if there is a retailer near you here. Hint: there are two retailers in the Black Hills of South Dakota and one in Indiana. Happy gift-giving!

**Full disclosure using the 10% off link will give me reward points, but I honestly don’t care as much about the points as I do that women know about this fantastic bag.