Chemo Port Access Shirt

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We interrupt the traditional gift-giving theme with a fashionable, functional idea for the person in your life who faces chemo during the holidays and beyond. The Dual Port Access shirt is not only a huge convenience for chemo nurses to access the patient’s port, it also helps preserve the dignity of the patient who has already had to surrender so much to get the medical care they need.

I purchased the style in the photo above for a loved one, and it has been a great hit. (She has an excellent prognosis — thank you for wondering and also for a quick prayer you may feel compelled to offer.) The chemo nurses are as grateful for it as the patient is. The shirt is very high quality and, in this case, will last long after the expected duration of chemo. A bonus discovery for the person who experiences difficulty raising their arms above their head: with the port access zippers open it’s quite easy to step into this shirt. The patient, still bruised from having their port placed, will be grateful for that small blessing while getting dressed on chemo day.

The tops are available for women, men, and children in a variety of colors and styles including t-shirts, polos, and hoodies. Even if it doesn’t arrive before Christmas, the loved one in your life who is going through chemo will really appreciate the gift of a port access shirt. The one I purchased came from Care + Wear at this link. It cost $44.50 and was worth every penny. A search of the Internet will produce other options, as well.

Merry Christmas to you and a healthy New Year.

*Too Good Not to Share posts are just because I love to share things that have made a difference in my life, with hope they may make a difference in someone else’s. I am not compensated in any way, nor do I guarantee that others will have the same positive experience with these products.