When Life is Draining: Smart Funnel

Too Good Not to Share*

Trying to get the last bit of honey out of the bottle or liquid soap out of its container is so frustrating and time-consuming that it’s easy to think it’s not worth the effort — unless you have a Smart Funnel. This handy-dandy gadget retails for under $10 and saves me from the moral dilemma of throwing away that last, perfectly good bit of honey (soap, hair conditioner, hand lotion, you name it). In the past I would put in a little effort, trying to balance one inverted bottle on top of a new bottle that could accommodate a skosh more product; but quickly I ended up with a mess, as gravity inevitably did its job on the bottles more quickly than on the product to be transferred. Thus defeated, I literally chucked it the trash with a shrug and the satisfaction of having at least tried. 

No longer thus defeated by toppling bottles, I suggest that Smart Funnel will be a welcome solution to similar struggles in your home — so welcome that you’ll want to get one to keep in the kitchen and one to keep in the bathroom. Smart Funnel can be found at numerous online retailers, or you may luck out and happen upon it unexpectedly in a brick and mortar store. Whatever means you choose, keep Smart Funnel on your shopping radar. Here’s one place to find them online. I’m not familiar with this particular retailer, but suggest them only as an alternative to giantmegaonlinestoredotcom: Cumberland Concepts

*Too Good Not to Share posts are just because I love to share things that have made a difference in my life, with the hope they may make a difference in someone else’s. I am not compensated in any way, nor do I guarantee that others will have the same positive experience with these products.