Commercial Electric Brand Integrated LED Lights

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available at Home Depot

We’ve been sprucing up the place, and after having the laundry room repainted (including the ceiling) we noticed the can lights were looking a little yellowed with age. It’s then we discovered how easy it is to upgrade existing ceiling can lights with Commercial Electric’s LED Color Changing Recessed Trim lights. They’re made to retrofit a 65-watt bulb, and boy, do they deliver. 

There are five temperature settings to choose from at installation including warm white, soft white, neutral white, bright white, or daylight. Daylight was the perfect selection for our laundry room, but it wouldn’t be difficult to get on a step stool to pop out the light and change the setting if we wanted to. The lights are dimmable, though we don’t have them on a dimmer for the current application.

Getting a new look from your ceiling can lighting is as simple as removing the trim pieces and unscrewing the old bulb. As we paint other rooms in the house we’ll be replacing every compatible ceiling can we these fantastic lights. Try them yourself and see life a little differently. 

We bought ours at Home Depot. They are available individually, but we purchased several four-packs at $34.97 each pack.

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