Mini Kitchen Tools

Too Good Not to Share

Photo by Susan Fischbach Isaacs

These I discovered completely by accident. The first little scraper I got was most likely an impulse buy in a cute gift shop somewhere, as kitchen gadgets rarely on my shopping list. But the first one was the gateway. A mini scraper makes it so easy to get the last bit of jelly from the jar and works to spread it, too. The mini spoon does much the same job as the scraper but with a more rounded end which may make it desirable in particular instances. It is easier to use than a full sized spoon or scraper when emptying a can of creamy soup. The mini whisk is my latest acquisition and a pleasant surprise in the usability category. It’s perfect for quick mix-togethers, for instance blending seasonings in a bit of olive oil or combining a couple of ingredients in a measuring cup before adding them to a larger recipe.

I’m not brand loyal in this area, as you can see. Typically, mini kitchen tools like these will cost about $3 each wherever you happen to find them. They may be priced lower as a set or higher for a particular brand. Look for them at your favorite online retailer, or just keep your eyes peeled in funky gift shops and kitchen stores. (Photo shows mini tools pictured with a full sized scraper for comparison.)