45MPH, Tops

This week’s Revisited I wrote just for fun sometime in the late 1990’s. My husband and I had been driving on the Interstate in his old truck a day or so before. This poem has not previously been published.

Photo by Dean Isaacs
45 MPH, Tops

I’m so relaxed
when I’m 
going nowhere fast.
My old ton truck --
‘49 Chevy
new paint job but
upholstery’s gone to hell,
great for trips to the dump,
a load of mulch for a friend.
The world hurries, worries by
while I relax and smile,
going nowhere fast

One thought on “45MPH, Tops

  1. Know what you mean! We have a ’50 Fargo half ton. Needs a paint job, but the upholstery has been redone. It goes – well no where right now. Needs some engine work too. But it’s been in the family for about 50 years so it won’t be leaving our place as long as we are around!

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