When I’m in It

Woman and dog; English studio portrait, c. 1900.
Photo copyright Mary E. Thurston, Argus Communications, Allen , TX.
It’s hard to see my way out
when I’m in it

Long, impossible weeks stretch ahead,
fatigue, disinterest -- in anything;
even my favorite foods
don’t appeal

I know -- because I know --
that there is much more to come

If I could un-know,
today would be okay --
not the best day,
but okay

A slow, nap-ish, watch-sitcoms,
eat-pretzels-and-peanut-butter for-supper day

I can do that for today --
just today,
and that’s all I need to do --
just today

I’ll do tomorrow 
when I'm in it.

This poem arose this morning. So many people I love are in the midst of a litany of unbearable days. This is for those I know and love and those I only love without our ever meeting — and it’s for me, too, some days.