Day 19

Poems During a Pandemic Poems During a Pandemic has been a limited companion series to Today’s Poems Today. This entry is the last in the series, as all others (beginning with Day 16, written on April 1) have been previously posted. Day 19 Morning rhythm off Facebook cut in early so This is my haiku

Day 39 — A & B

Today's Poem Today It's a twofer again, today. I woke up thinking about A, then looked in the mirror and got B. 39A Bad habits must stop Ten o’clock bedtime tonight I said so, that’s why 39B It’s hairmageddon The threat of crafting shears And boxed dye looms near

Day 16

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash. Day 16 Habit tracking is saving me -- Mostly. Daily goals fill the time. Journaling, reflexive now. Seven thousand steps, Nearly a given. Reading, writing, and meditation Battle it out -- almost always make it Except meditation, lately. Newer on the scene, appearing  More days than not: Ten hours … Continue reading Day 16

My Tiny Editor

Photo from My Tiny Editor She nags, wags, frets, flags poo-poos, eschews, says you’re a loser as a poet. She deletes, repeats, never retreats doubts, shouts, thinks about hushes, shushes, says not much is good here and you know it.

The Perfect Shade of Joy

Here's a new, quick, fun poem from an assignment, “to write about discovering something.” Photo from The Perfect Shade of Joy There is a joy that comes with a new discovery.  Life can be so ordinary and predictable. At a certain age we’ve experienced everything -- or hope we have. We aren’t expecting  well, … Continue reading The Perfect Shade of Joy

Untitled, 1983

Today's Revisited originally appeared in Prairie Winds Anthology, 1983, a publication of the Prairie Winds Project. How can such a small, simple word like            lovebe so much harder to say than cinnamon?    Susan FischbachGrade 12Faith High School