Nothing’s Happening but Things Still Change

Photo by Nicolas Moscarda on Unsplash.

Over-all, I’d say that sticking close to home these last ten or eleven days has been a good experience. Of course, an introvert would say so, and it’s true that my life hasn’t changed in any dramatic way. Yet it does feel different — more profound somehow. I think there are at least a couple of factors at play. 

 First, it gives me hope that in our world (which typically moves at such a frenetic pace that it feeds the sensitive soul a steady drip of anxiety) we have been able to slow down and consider the good of one another, and also to take the time to think about whether we’ve really been living our lives in alignment with the values we hold most dear. It’s a beautiful thing that the vast majority of folks are willing to endure inconvenience, even financial hardship or physical danger, giving their best for the care of their communities.

The other thing that gives me hope is the constant witness of prayer and spiritual guidance opportunities being offered through social media. It’s comforting to see that so many people have a sense that there is more to themselves and more to this world than what we can do or see or be. It is a balm to hear the chant of Benedictine liturgy and to join in common prayer with people scattered across the globe. It is healing to find the peace that exists within, using teachings handed down through ancient wisdom. 

So actually, even though I’m a homebody by nature and my life may not look much different from the outside; these days of self-confinement are changing me in a dramatic way.

What’s new in your inner life?